John & Evelyn Go To Zion Nat. Park

Aug. 14-18, '04

A bathroom stop in Baker next to the the world's largest thermometer. You can't read the temperature, but it is 96.


We saw Ronn Lucas perform an afternoon matinee in Las Vegas. He is a foremost ventriliquist. Been on TV many times and performed for heads of state. A riot performance. Really funny. Ever need an hour and a half of laughs, go see his show.

A tropical paradise in the Las Vegas desert
This is the back view from our resort room. That is a stop for the new tram that runs behind the Strip. It stopped right in front of our resort.
Yes, Elvis lives. He performed for our resort's welcome party.
Now, let's get down to serious business. While Evelyn is still sleeping, John has his bike tank filled and is heading to Zion. After a night of thunderstorms, the air is fresh and clean. Perfect riding day!
On the way to the Park.

I took a turn of the main highway at Virgin, Utah.This ride was recommended by a motorcyclists web site. Not a soul in sight for the 30 mile ride up into the mountains. Awesome!


Let's go up to the reservoir... I stopped here to put on my gloves. It is cold! It will be quite warm in the Park later in the morning.
No one here at the Kolob Reservoir.
Now I know why it is so cold here. Look at the elevation.
A few from the lookout.
'Nother view.
I backtracked to get to the main entrance to the Park.
The main canyon road is closed to traffic. You park at the Visitors Center and take this free shuttle. It takes 90 minutes to make the trip. There are 6 stops.
Lots of beautiful rock formations.

After the shuttle ride I hop back on the bike and ride up the canyon wall toward a 1.1 mile tunnel which goes through the mountain.

Evelyn took the truck and has already left Zion heading towards Bryce Canyon. (She got ahead of me when I took my side ride.)

Winding my way out of the canyon.
See, I was there!










Back to our resort in St. George, Utah












Ok, so this is our resort, Worldmark at St. George.


Next year....Yellowstone???