2012 Trip to Maui August 7-14, 2012
We made it to Maui. Yea.
View from our condo balcony. Beach across the street.
This is the beach.

Kamaole Beach Park.

First order of business is to find the Hall. The closest one is closed for construction. So we found the next closest one. In Kahului.
I heard Spam was popular in Hawaii. (Why, I wonder). Anyway I did see a lot of it in the stores. Then we went to Costco to get food for our stay and there it is, regular and reduced salt.. Big time Spam on sale. $4 a case off!
Evelyn and Sue head to the water.
Very rare photo of John in shorts. May be the only one known to exist. Save it, it may be worth big bucks someday.

This is at Makena Beach.

Makena Beach
Wed, Oct. 10 we do an all day drive to Hana and back making a big loop around the island. Tad drove which made it quite an adventure! We survived.
Lots of scenes like this along the way.
The waves were powerful on the North side of the island! A testament to our Creator.


I made a short video of these waves.

Click here

Early Hawaiians learned God's name from missionaries and used at least since 1852.
Overlooking a small village.
A lava tube. You can walk back in over a hundred feet.
The road gets narrow. Someone has to pull over if a car comes from the other direction.
One of 54 old narrow bridges on the way to Hana.
There is the rental car going through the jungle.
We made it to the seven "sacred pools". A half mile hike from the parking lot.
The pools.
The young guys ignored the DO NOT JUMP sign.
Lindberg's grave. Died at 72.
Can't get enough of these scenes.
Got my Harley Heritage Softtail, now ready to ride Maui!
Going around the top of Maui on a narrow one lane road, I pass this isolated village, Old Kaumahina.
Hardly any cars on this narrow road that winds through the hills above the ocean on the North end of Maui.
Lunch time in Lahaina. Red ale and BBQ pork sandwich.
Sweet little cove near Lahaina.


Great ride. I only went 136 miles, but I guess that is a lot on an island!

Evelyn buys this mystery fruit at a Maui Farmer's Market. What is it?


It is called "Dragon Fruit".

The fruit

The taste

The reaction

I paid $9 for this?


One more lunch on the wharf before I head home..
And, one more Maui picture.

Tad, Sue and Evelyn are switching to another resort and will be coming home in another week or so.

One of us has to get back to work!

The End