John & Evelyn's Trip To Madrid Spain for International Convention July 2019


We arrive in Madrid to a great welcome from the Madrid brothers. We stepped aside for this photo.


These arches are a symbol of Madrid. It was used on our logo for the Convention.

This statue is also a symbol of Madrid

These are the friends who serve as guides through the Prado Museum. Lots of art by the artist GOYA.

At the Evening Gathering we had a rousing welcome. It was held at the Assembly Hall.

After two hours of great entertainment, we went outside where there were 17 booths with food from various parts of Spain. Yes, I visited all of them!

We are at our host congregation for field service. They fed us and entertained us. Great times!

The children in the front performed a video drama for us. Good stuff!

That's a lot of Paella for us.

Our first tour takes us to Aranjuez and Chincon.


Everywhere we went there were brothers and sisters to welcome us. They just gave us so much love!

Our bus group.

The next day is a free day, so we walk 8 miles around Madrid. Our first stop is the Palace. We saw many sights.

Now it is time for the Convention. Peak attendance of over 50,000. 6000 foreign delegates from many countries. In this photo the baptismal cnadidates are filing out to changing rooms. 440 baptized.

The next day we tour Segovia. This is our bus group.

This is a palace with beautiful gardens.


This is part of the sewer system the Romans made in Toledo.

The last tour is of Toledo. Evelyn stayed at the hotel to rest since she got a heat rash from all the walking in Segovia.

It was a great trip. We met so many brothers and sisters. What a joy to be part of such a loving and united brotherhood!

The End